Meet the GIMP #76: UFRaw revisited

Posted in Graphics on April 30, 2009

Meet the GIMP #76: UFRaw revisited

I got a mail from Pascal de Bruijn, the man behind the p-code blog. He knows a lot about colour management, RAW processing and so on. He had seen episode 11 and pointed me to some errors and stuff that is new in UFRaw. So I read his mail and had a look.

This is really a fast forward through the program, nothing really in depth. It can be a guide for experimenting. If you know not much about RAW processing, have a look at episode 11. It covers some basics about the technology behind it.

I used the UFRaw version compiled by Pascal. You can find it for Ubuntu on his site - other OS have to look around. Start with the UFRaw home page.

I’ll have an eye surgery tomorrow (lens replacement) and had not much time to prepare this episode. TOC and more will follow. And I’ll be off screen for some days until I am allowed to read again.


0:00 Intro
0:26 Statistics
1:50 Pascal’s e-mail
4:16 - Fire up UFRaw!
4:30 - Color matrix vs. Color profile
5:57 — Working Color Space Profile
6:33 — Rendering Intent Option
8:50 - Details Restauration & Highlight Clippings
10:13 - Import base curves from .NCV
10:26 - Auto black point correction works perfectly!
11:13 - New features in new version of UFRaw
11:36 - LensFun
14:00 - Fix cromatic aberration
15:57 - Optical Vignetting
16:23 - Lens distortion - Panotools
17:16 - Lens geometry
19:18 Outro

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