Meet the GIMP #77: Convoluting the Matrix

Posted in Graphics on April 30, 2009

Meet the GIMP #77: Convoluting the Matrix

Today we are going into Math-Land, but not too deep - I promise. But first there is a visit to the Oakland Technology Exchange West - a non profit that gives new life to (not so) old hardware.

The Convolution Matrix lives in Math-Land. It is the backbone of a lot of filter plugins. It’s fun to play with if you have understood the basics and lost your fear. One example of a filter done with this is the Pencil Shade Filter by Alex Turner

I forgot to talk about the “Border” options. “Extend” just adds a virtual black border around the source image. “Wrap” takes the pixels from the opposite corner and wraps them around.

The matrix in the image has no deeper meaning, it’s just some random numbers.

My lens replacement surgery went well and I am recovering fast. Thanks for all the good wishes!


00:19 Welcome
00:23 Oakland Technology Exchange West
02:25 Rolf’s Eyes
03:13 Convolution Matrix Filter
05:18 - User interface
06:08 - Experimenting
06:56 - The documentation
12:30 - sharpening
16:48 - blur
17:16 - normalize option
18:02 - edge enhance
21:38 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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