Meet the GIMP #78: Floral Greetings from the Antipodes

Posted in Graphics on April 30, 2009

Meet the GIMP #78: Floral Greetings from the Antipodes

Philippe lives in Chile - and that is on the southern hemisphere. Summer, flowers, the beach….  (In Bremen it’s winter, rain and wind.) So he sends us northerners, who are shivering in the cold, a floral greeting. Of course made from scratch after a visual visit in the garden.

This is Philippe’s last show for 2008. He torments us by making a summer holiday and has perhaps some extra work to do during Christmas.

But he’ll be back in January. (Rolf has his sound card problems sorted out and faces some time slot sorting problems. He will be here with a show soon.)

If you have a wish for a project for Philippe to do, post it in the forum or here in the comments.

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