Meet the GIMP #83: Getting Grain in

Posted in Graphics on May 02, 2009

Meet the GIMP #83: Getting Grain in

A lot of people miss “film grain” in digital images. I show how to add it (the exmple on the left is a bit over the top…). You can extract the grain from a scanned analog image or make your own digital grain with the HSV noise filter.

I found these links useful: Gimp Guru and Petteri’s Pontifications. The last one is a very rich ressource.

The end of the video is quite abrupt. I didn’t want to start the recording again, you can read the rest here: “These 1000 Danish Crowns cover half a year of the server costs and the domain fees for this year. A big thank you!And there is more nice stuff in the pipeline. Perhaps we will have a challenge soon - with a real price from a sponsor. Good Bye up to next week!”


00:30 Film grain - then and now
02:20 What’s film grain?
03:00 Anaylsing grain in photographs
05:05 Getting digital grain
05:30 Extracting from a scanned image
09:05 Sythetic grain
10:00 Make artificial grain
13:10 Apply grain to an image
13:15 Scale to the final size first
15:00 Tiling and adding the grain layer
18:00 Layer mask for grain in the midtones only
21:00 Comparing real and artificial grain
22:50 Good bye!

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