Meet the GIMP #84: The 3 Letter Acronym Show

Posted in Graphics on May 02, 2009

Meet the GIMP #84: The 3 Letter Acronym Show

This week I start with a short introduction into autostereoscopic images, see two posts below. Then I  cover the GEGL operation “c2g”, which converts acouloured image into a monochrome image with a lot of noise or other other effects. It’s a “try out” thing - up to now I have not found documentation. Perhaps one has to look into the source. Be warned - some parameters can kill the program.

Then Joseph tells us. how easy it is to make “HDR” images. It’s not as complicated as I feared. I’ll try it soon myself. The website Joseph pointed me to is here.


00:28 Autostereoscopic images
02:10 Petersons image with GEGL c2g
03:30 c2g is used
06:30 Introducing Joseph
07:00 Introduction into HDR photography
09:00 QTPFSGui
10:00 Aligning the images
10:30 waiting….
11:20 Editing tools
12:10 Set the parameters
12:50 Save the image
13:00 Change the EV values
14:30 Tone mapping
15:40 saving in an LDR format (JPEG)
16:20 different effects
18:10 Web site with more info

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