Meet the GIMP #86: A Spot of F-Spot (1)

Posted in Graphics on May 02, 2009

Meet the GIMP #86: A Spot of F-Spot (1)

Today I explore the program F-Spot. It’s an image multi-tool - you can rate, tag and index your images, store or export them and even do some editing with it.

You find the F-Spot homepage at

F-Spot is a program for Linux and the Gnome desktop environment. But there are more programs out there for other Linux flavours and operating systems. For some you can even pay money.

I hope that I concentrated enough on the work flow  and not the specialities of this program. The work flow should be the same under all programs. Import, rate, delete the bad stuff, tag and store or post process further.


00:20 Introduction (Bremen, site of shooting)
03:30 Open StreetMap
04:00 Insering the memory card and importing the images
06:20 Add a general tag to the import
07:30 Looking around in F-Spot
10:40 Merge JPEG and RAW images to one entry
11:50 Different modes of F-Spot
14:00 Help files
14:20 Burst trick and Browse mode
15:00 Rating the images
16:00 A glimpse into edit mode
18:10 Rotate an image
18:30 Rating revisited
19:20 Fullscreen mode
20:30 Select by rating
22:00 Deleting the un-stared images
22:30 Tagging the images
23:30 Adding a tag to the cloud
24:30 Excluding images with a certain tag from the view
26:10 Edit a tag - name and icon
27:00 AirShelters. musicians and peace
31:00 Summing up - what can F-Spot do
33:40 Web site design help wanted

Open Street Map provided the map of Bremen.

In the forum we are planning a new design for this web site. More specific, we plan and Daniel does the work. A big thank you to you, Daniel! Please check out the progress at our playground and give us some tips here in the comments or in the forum.

If you have filled out the registration forms in the forum and got no mail with the confirmation link to click at - please send me an eMail at There is a problem with the mail on some servers.

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