Meet the GIMP #87: The second Spot of F-Spot (2)

Posted in Graphics on May 02, 2009

Meet the GIMP #87: The second Spot of F-Spot (2)

This is the second show about F-Spot - one week late because of sound problems.

Edit: I have said something wrong in the video: The hotkey for opening the tag entry is “t”, not “Ctrl-t”. “Enter” validates the input and “Esc” closes the entry field.
It’s about editing images and exporting them into image sharing sites or into folders. Even a gallery creation function is provided, see the image on the right. The editing is only suitable for simple, quick edits. But you can call GIMP or UFRaw to help with heavier stuff. The images produced by these programs are also stored in the database of F-Spot. Only XCF files are not known to F-Spot - a real drawback in my eyes. Perhaps a later version will include them. At version 0.5 there is still room for an other feature.

F-Spot is expandable. You can get a lot of plugins on the F-Spot homepage or write your own.
I’ll use F-Spot from now on as my image database solution.
F-Spot stores the images in a system of folders (year/month/day), so backup or access with other programs is not a problem. While backing up you should include the F-Spot database, or all your tags will be gone. I shy away from the option to include the metadata in the original files - perhaps I am paranoid.


02:45 Copy images with drag and drop
03:24 Why I shot in manual mode
04:30 Adjusting colours with F-Spot edit mode
06:15 F-Spot makes new versions of the images
06:30 Export to 23hq, flickr and more sites
09:40 Exporting to GIMP
12:00 Sorry, no XCF supported
13:00 Develop in UFRaw
14:50 More export filters
14:40 Making a Web gallery in seconds
18:00 Adding a tag from the keyboard
18:36 Managing extensions for export and editing

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