Meet the GIMP #92: DAVID! (for President?)

Posted in Graphics on May 02, 2009

Meet the GIMP #92: DAVID! (for President?)

It’s Philippe’s turn again. Today he starts with an image of his son David and turns it into a poster like the ones made by Shephard Fairey.

We had a show about this topic by Andrew A. Gill, who made a USSR propaganda style poster out of a portrait of President Roosevelt.

Philippe uses basically the same technique but has some aditional tricks in his sleeve, as separating zones with details that have to be preserved from others that should turn into flat areas and clear lines. And he shows how to get some fine lines into the image to get a half tone shade. The result really looks like a serigraph.

As always he starts with carefull watching and planning - a thing I too often forget.

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