Tekzilla #85: Kindle 2 Reviewed, Painless Password Management, Dump RAID, iPod Lock Hack, Cheap GPS Pick!

Posted in Companies, Podcasts on April 24, 2009

Manage all your passwords painlessly. Sub-$200 GPS Pick! Stop yourself from visiting a website too often. Dump RAID 1 for RAID 0... or entirely?

Welcome to Tekzilla... hands on reviews of the latest tech, and how to make the most out of the gear you already own!

The Kindle 2: Reviewed. How does Amazon's latest e-reader hold up to a thousand miles of road trip and hotels with Patrick and his family?

Patrick listed the places he hit on vacation with his family last week here and here and here and here here ...major mileage mixed with lots of National Parks!

Hacking back into your iPod when you've forgotten the screen lock code: put your iPod into disk mode, delete a single file and you're back in your iPod!

Miriam's buying a sub-$200 GPS and wants some help picking one out. Patrick just picked up one of Garmin's discontinued nüvi 260W on the cheap at Costco when his iPhone's GPS stopped working early on in the trip... he also makes the call on models from Tom Tom and more.

Careful shopping is critical when you're buying a GPS... we give you the traps to watch out for on the show!

Looking for great deals on a GPS? Keep an eye on the Steals & Deals box in the upper left hand corner at GPSLodge.com.

The Free Progam Of The Week is Xvid for PSP, a one stop shop for transcoding videos to play on your hardware. Don't let the name confuse you, this program works for just about anything, the Xbox, PS3, PSP, cellphones, iPods, even the AppleTV. It does a great job, it's easy to set up, and it's free!

This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough of" is KeepMeOut.com the perfect solution for people who want a gentle reminder that they should be getting their butt in gear instead of spending all your time on a particular website... if it can keep Veronica from overdosing on Facebook, imagine what it can do for you!

Sure, moving from RAID 1 to RAID 0 should give you a bump in performance... but isn't it time to just dump RAID entirely?

Except RAID 5 for storage... we love the ability to recover the lost data from a dead drive!

We just wish it was as easy to do on most RAID boxes as it is to do with a Drobo!

Password Management? Max wants something simple to manange the tons of passwords that everybody in his family needs to keep track of... He loves KeePass, running off a thumb drive, but fears it might be a tad too technical for some of his family.

Veronica's call on the Mac would be Keychain.

LastPass works great for Mac, PC and Linux, but some folks (like Max!) don't trust online password storage...

So she suggests he check out RoboForm. It comes in free and pro versions, but for all intents and purposes the free application will be fine for you, although the pro version does support multiple user accounts, which might be handy if your family doesn't want other members to be able to log into their sites!

Using gadgets overseas: Phil's going to Germany for almost 2 months: how many Watts will his 220V to 120V converter need to be? Veronica's got some hands on experience with powering US electronics when you travel internatinoally!

Jeb's looking to turn an old pile of PCs into a space heater for his home... he's obviously getting his geek on here. Any ideas on how many average desktop towers he'll need to replace an 1800W space heater? Email your ideas to tekzilla@revision3.com!

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