MySQLConf 09: Database We Can Believe In

Posted in Conferences, Databases on April 28, 2009

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign created an unprecedented online grassroots movement in which supporters generated thousands of events, made millions of phone calls, raised record amounts of money, and received over a billion emails. Blue State Digital, whose PHP/MySQL-based tools powered, only had the 2004 and 2006 elections to use as guidance—before other tools like YouTube and Facebook had been used for presidential politics. Chuck Hagenbuch and Leigh Heyman of Blue State Digital will talk about their experiences leading up to Election Day, the tools that were used, and how the campaign’s online efforts exceeded all expectations.

Chuck Hagenbuch
Blue State Digital

Chuck Hagenbuch leads the software infrastructure team at Blue State Digital, building the core of the company’s tools and working with new technologies. He brings years of experience writing web applications and software libraries to the job of growing the company’s software to new uses and broader scale.

Prior to joining Blue State Digital, Chuck worked for Zend Technologies, providing professional services to many prominent companies, including Google, PayPal, and Portugal Telecom. He founded the open source Horde Project in 1998 and remains active leading its development.

Leigh Heyman
Blue State Digital

Leigh Heyman has been the Lead System Administrator for Blue State Digital since 2005, where he heads up the team that manages all aspects of the company’s server, network and database infrastructure. His expertise covers most aspects of UNIX system management, and he approaches his role with a holistic view developed from over ten years of experience, ranging from technical support, infrastructure design and network security.

Prior to joining Blue State Digital, Leigh was a system administrator at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Stephen Gunn
Google, Inc

Steve was the Site Reliability Engineering Lead for a large MySQL installation at Google from 2005-2008. Late in 2008, he volunteered at Obama For America helping with big-data analytics. Upon returning to Google, he’s been working with networks. Steve has more than 15 years experience as a UNIX and OpenSource generalist from Purdue University, Progeny Linux Systems, FedEx, and Google.

Mikey Dickerson

Once a game programmer, then a Unix admin for Pomona College, since 2006 Mikey has worked in the Site Reliability department at Google, where he manages one of the largest MySQL deployments in the world.

Ian Gulliver

Ian has worked in the computing industry for over ten years at telecom giants and Internet startups. He founded and implemented an anti-spam blackhole list using MySQL that grew to be the most-queried on the Internet. Eventually, the pull of Google brought him to California, where he now works doing administration and development around Google’s MySQL deployment.

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