MySQLConf 09: The SmugMug Tale

Posted in Conferences, Databases on April 28, 2009

SmugMug relies heavily on MySQL to keep its site and more than half a billion photos and high definition videos blazingly fast. That usually means hanging out on the bleeding edge – always exciting, dangerous, and changing.

Today, that means blending game-changing new hardware like SSDs, OpenStorage appliances, and cheap 8-way+ large RAM systems with brilliant software such as ZFS, InnoDB, and a healthy dose of community patches from places like Percona and Google. Don will share the very latest details on how SmugMug increases performance, reliability, and data durability by combining all of these exciting new developments.

Don MacAskill


Don grew up during the best time ever, when he could beg, build, hack, and play with the goodies he loves so much.

He got the opportunity of a lifetime at age 17 when he became person #5 at Best Internet, where he designed the networks that powered brands like eBay and Hotmail.

In 2002 when no investor was investing and a dozen respected brands were vying to dominate photo sharing, he bootstrapped what is now one of the leading photo sharing sites – SmugMug. With the help of a user interface designer, he built everything it takes to run a high-traffic, feature-rich photo sharing site, from the router to the customer experience. And he did what few Internet CEOs have done: he made his company profitable.

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