MySQLConf 09: This is Not a Web App: The Evolution of a MySQL Deployment at Google

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Databases on April 28, 2009

What happens after you launch a product that depends on MySQL and the product becomes successful? Suddenly everyone expects much more from the MySQL deployment and everyone includes database users, bosses, auditors and the general public. I will describe the work we have done to meet these expectations from 2006 until today. The work continues as problems change, new problems arrive and our understanding of the system improves.

Mark Callaghan

Mark lead the MySQL Engineering team at Google for 2.5 years and continues to focus on making MySQL perfect. The team supports a large and critical MySQL deployment. During this time the team has implemented, deployed and published many valuable features for MySQL including semi-sync replication, user and table monitoring via SHOW TABLE_STATISTICS andUSER_STATISTICS, SMP and IO performance patches for InnoDB, global transaction IDs for replication, row-change logging, transactional replication and many bug fixes.

Prior to Google Mark worked at Identity Engines, Oracle and Informix on database internals. Mark holds an M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He maintains MySQL patches at and and writes a popular blog at

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