PixelPerfect #123: Create Fabrics in Photoshop

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on April 28, 2009

Learn how to create textiles and fabrics using Adobe Photoshop.

Create denim

  • Apply a solid light blue to your canvas background.
  • Create a new layer with a fill of 50% grey.
  • Apply a filter to the 50% grey layer: Sketch > Halftone Pattern. Choose 1 as the size, and 20 for the contrast with the pattern type: Line.
  • Apply another filter: Pixelate > Mezzotint. Type: Fine Dots. This creates a texture. Duplicate this layer, and rotate it to 45%.
  • In Layer 1 (horizontal texture), apply a blur with a radius of 1.
  • Change Layer 1's layer type to Soft Light.
  • Rotate the layer with the 45 degree angle to a layer type: Multiply.
  • Create a new layer, then choose Merge Visible from the Layers window. This merges your visible artwork without discarding the original artwork layered below.
  • To create the bends and folds in your fabric, don't use the liquify filter because it will blur your image and you'll lose your texture. Instead, use displace or warp. These will work much better.


Create fine threaded linen

  • This fabric is created from a pattern. In a new canvas with a black background, and new layer, create two thin vertical strips (threads) and fill with a light grey color. Duplicate this layer and rotate 90 degrees.
  • Apply a dark colored inner glow (blend mode: Multiply) to both layers to give the appearance of depth.
  • Add a drop shadow to the top layer so it appears to be sitting on top of the bottom layer.
  • Break the styles into their own layers so we can manipulate the styles separately from the image. Layer > Layer Style > Create Layers
  • Use clipping to apply drop shadowing only to intersecting thread areas.
  • Erase where necessary to complete the weaved effect.
  • To add extra texture, you can optionally add some extra tones to intersecting areas.
  • Create a pattern of the intersecting weave area: Edit > Define Pattern.
  • The pattern is saved, so you can discard all of your working layers, only leaving the black background layer.
  • Fill the whole canvas in a new layer with the pattern, and it appears to be a detailed fabric!

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