Google Earth, Nine Inch Nails, and Real-time Geo Community

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on May 04, 2009

The band Nine Inch Nails recently released a ground-breaking geo-Twitter-like iPhone / Google Earth plug-in application. This follows on the heels of many creative uses of KML and Google Earth to communicate with fans. This talk is from the software developer team that supports the band.

Throughout the last couple of years Google Earth has enabled us to present amazing visualizations and perspectives to those interested in Nine Inch Nails, from releasing download numbers of the latest album, plotting tour-dates and geo-cached ticket treasure hunts to the latest realtime integration with geo-located mobile fans. We present our conceptual and technical experiences integrating the Nine Inch Nails online community with Google Earth and the Google Earth plugin.

Presented by Craig Johnston and Brian Hull
Google Tech Talks
April 28, 2009

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