RESTful Enterprise Development

Posted in Conferences, Web Technologies, Development on May 04, 2009

RESTful Enterprise Development


In this session I'll discuss how a large telecommunications company has developed RESTful and Web-friendly services side-by-side with more traditional WS-* services.

Using Atom, AtomPub, caching, URI templates and microformats, the company has addressed a wide range of challenges, from standard integration tasks such as exposing legacy data to custom and vendor applications and services, publishing and consuming events, and service monitoring, to more dynamic, ad hoc and differentiating activities that expose resources to partners, customers and internal composite applications.

The session is of interest to architects and developers interested in or already using RESTful techniques within the enterprise. I'll discuss some of the criteria we used for making particular architectural and implementationdecisions and will demonstrate plenty of working code. 

Ian Robinson is a Principal Consultant with ThoughtWorks, where he specializes in the design and delivery of service-oriented and distributed systems. He has published numerous articles on business-oriented development methodologies and distributed systems design, most recently in The ThoughtWorks Anthologyand on InfoQ. He is currently co-authoring a book on Web-friendly enterprise integration.

About the conference
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