Tekzilla #86: You Need Surge Protectors! Free Photo Mosaic Tools, Lincoln MKS... Tech?

Posted in Podcasts on May 02, 2009

Nintendo DSi, Save Plants with the EasyBloom Plant Sensor, Send A Telegram, GetGlue "the network that sticks to you!" Heat Your Home with PCs: Your Answers.

Welcome to Tekzilla... hands on reviews of the latest tech, and how to make the most out of the gear you already own!

Veronica's all excited about blackberry DigitalSoaps, herbs from her Kitchen Gardener and GetGlue.

Buying American? Etsy rocks for handmade crafts... that's where V. found the soaps.

"The network that sticks to you" GetGlue is all about finding and sharing stuff you're into, like books, movies, tv shows, whatever. Check it out!

Robbie wants to make a Photographic mosaic, aka, a Photomosaic, which is actually a term trademarked by an MIT educated artist, Robert Silvers. Whatever you call it, it's a photo recreated using lots of other tiny photos!

There are dozens of photographic mosaic tools... Veronica says there are two great free ones: AndreaMosaic, on Windows and MacOSaix for OS X!

The Gadget of the Week is Nintendo's DSi! Nintendo's managed to update and extend the capabilities of the Nintendo DS without screwing up what makes it the most popular handheld gaming device out there!

It's not his usual product review, but Patrick was impressed with the Lincoln MKS, even if he his testbed didn't have Adaptive Cruise Control. Voice controls using Ford's SYNC worked great for anything but dialing names on his cell, and the sound system was outstanding, and the Adaptive HID Headlights even helped save a local San Francisco cat.

This week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough of is Telegram Stop, a site that allows you to create and send, via snail mail, of course, your very own personalized telegram. Tres fun, it make your correspondence look like it's from a bygone era with artificial aging, it's something physical that you can hold onto and cherish, which makes them great for special occasions.

Trying to green your black thumb? Veronica gives the thumbs up to the EasyBloom Plant Sensor she's been testing at home. It can help you pick the right plants (or right place to plant!), monitor soil and sunlight conditions, even beep to tell you your plants need some H20!

Surge protectors: should you spend your cash on one? "Are they telling the truth, are my electronics really in danger from the normal everyday dips and spikes in power?" Paul, that's a great question... Patrick explains why we're pro surge protectors on this show. (Just buy a name brand!)

Last week we threw you, the audience, a question from Jeb about reusing his old PCs as space heaters for his back room... wow, did you have some ideas, and running Folding@home 24/7 was key in quite a few of 'em!

Like the MythBusters? Be sure to check out Episode 67 of The Digg Reel! Andrew paid a visit to the Mythbusters headquarters across the bay. It was awesome!

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