Building Blueprint with GWT

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Development, Web Technologies on May 04, 2009

Building Blueprint with GWT


What is the Google Web Toolkit, what can you do with it, and why should you use it? Using our real world experience building Lombardi Blueprint as a case study this presentation will answer these questions.

We'll also touch on GWT's place in the development life cycle, including interaction with designers, the efficiency of the generated code, and present some useful design patterns and tips for making the best use of GWT.

Lombardi has been using GWT for nearly two years now. We've built a complete SaaS product, Lombardi Blueprint, and are using GWT extensively in our enterprise product, Teamworks, to provide both standalone Web UIs and in combination with Eclipse.

It's our belief that GWT should be your default choice for RIA development, this presentation will show you why. 

Alex Moffat is the Engineering Manager for Lombardi Software's Blueprint product and a recognized speaker on the topic of GWT with Java. His experience includes working with both customers and developers of enterprise software and has been programming in Java since beta 1.0.

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