Tip. Trick. Mod: Change icons on OS X

Posted in Operating Systems on May 05, 2009

Tip. Trick. Mod: Change icons on OS X

Here’s the first in an ongoing series of screencasts on TipTrickMod; we’ll start with something simple yet brilliantly useful: how to change the display icon for a folder, app, or drive, on Mac OS X.

In the screencast, we also suggest three great sources of icons for use on your Mac. You’ll need some such icons, in ‘.icns’ format, ready to modify the appearance of your folder, app, or hard-drive icons. Here are the links to those great resources:

Guipulp - a daily updated round-up of great icons (and other customisation resources) from across the web.
Pixel Delicioso - another good-looking source of icons (as well as wallpapers)
Deviantart - direct from the digital artists themselves. Search by ‘newest’ or ‘popular’ 

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