A Tale of Two Systems

Posted in Conferences, Graphics on May 06, 2009

A Tale of Two Systems


We all want to design excellent code. We try to craft elegant, clear, beautiful software. Sometimes we're sucesful. Sometimes we're not. Often legacy code or company politics conspire to produce grotesque software monstrosities desite our best efforts.

So what can we do to design great software under the pressures of the real world?

This talk will look at some of the characteristics of well-designed software, and will contrast two real life code bases to learn what makes a good software design, and what makes a foul one.

There's little more valuable than real-world experience, and here we will learn from the mistakes and successes of other projects - more pain for less gain. We'll have a bit on fun on the journey, too. 

Pete Goodliffe is a software developer, columnist, speaker, and author who never stays at the same place in the software food chain; he's worked in numerous languages on diverse projects. Pete's popular book, Code Craft, is a practical and entertaining investigation of the entire programming pursuit.

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