From Betting to Gaming to Tradefair

Posted in Conferences, Security, Development on May 06, 2009

From Betting to Gaming to Tradefair


Betfair ( ), the world's largest betting exchange, transacts the equivalent of over half the combined equity trading volume of every major stock exchange in the world. In common with other industries, particularly the financial services sector, Betfair is experiencing both an increase in transaction volumes and decrease in value per transaction. Due to the increasingly demanding nature of exchange betting, Betfair launched a number of initiatives to dramatically increase transaction processing capacity and reduce cost.

This presentation covers the efforts that have been made over the years, in particular, the Flywheel project which successfully achieved the strategic aim of 50,000 low cost transactions per second. The technology is being extended and integrated across Betfair's betting exchange, a number of other company initiatives and has become the basis for the Tradefair financial exchange. 

Matt is Chief Technologist at Betfair and principal architect for much of its existing technology. More recently he has moved to the Advanced Technology Group focusing on strategy, research and special projects including Flywheel.

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