JQuery – a Javascript DOM Library

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Web Technologies on May 11, 2009

JQuery – a Javascript DOM Library


jQuery is a JavaScript library which allows you to develop solutions with less code, in less time. You can build interactive prototypes for your prospective clients, or take an existing solution and add new dynamic behaviour with very little effort.

This presentation will introduce, and demonstrate, how jQuery can be used to quickly and concisely apply JavaScript behaviour to your web app. It will cover selectors, Ajax, DOM manipulation, plugins and more. It will show you how to turn 20 lines of code in to just a few lines of unobtrusive jQuery. 

Remy Sharp started web development 10 years ago as the sole developer for Digital Look, continuing today as a lead developer, advising on architecture design and writing JavaScript and Perl. The rest of the time is spent running his own Brighton based development company, called Left Logic http://leftlogic.com. He blogs at: http://remysharp.com and http://jqueryfordesigners.com.

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