Meet the GIMP #101: Tablets

Posted in Graphics, Mobile on May 14, 2009

Meet the GIMP #101: Tablets

A Graphics Tablet is a great input device for working with GIMP. You’ll see what to look for (pressure sensitivity and size) and how to integate them into GIMP. My tablet is from Wacom, the market leader. But a lot of other good ones are around too.

At the end of the show I have a essage for the German speaking audience. There is no German Meet the GIMP, but Berhnhard Stockmann (devvv) from and has made a nice video DVD about GIMP. Also a DVD about building WEB sites. Both are available for 29.95€ in book stores and online.

I gave the GIMP DVD to Boris form Happy Shooting, a German language podcast about photography. Boris (nsonic) and Chris (Tips from the Top Floor) are well known podcasters and as a team they are simply great. Useful information and a lot of “dumme Sprüche”. Just now there are no shows, Chris is trecking in the Himalaya and the SatPhone broke down.


00:30 The Wacom Intuos Tablet on stage
07:30 GIMP and the tablet
11:20 Using the tablet
12:35 Brush dynamics
16:00 Advantages over the mouse
17:40 Good bye to all non German speakers
18:20 Promotion for devvv’s GIMP DVD
21:30 Second end of the show

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