RailsConf 09: Women in Rails

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks on May 13, 2009

A general question like “How do we get more women into technology?” isn’t actually useful for our community. Discussion usually devolves into nature vs. nurture, then affirmative action, and it all goes south from there.

So in this session we get down to brass tacks: how specifically can we bring more female programmers into the Rails community? How can we get them to come to RailsConf? Why aren’t they here already?

You’ll hear from the folks whose voices are often not heard when this question is asked: the women themselves who are already here. Bring your ideas and questions!


Hashrocket Inc and DevChix Inc

I am founder of DevChix.com and one of the software developers at Hashrocket.



Sarah has been coming to RailsConf since 2006, which makes her not-quite-old-guard. Medium-guard? Since then she’s been doing Ruby for money.

She enjoys Ruby and Rails, loathes Javascript, works at LookSmart, and lives in San Francisco. She recently decided to rewrite her bio in third-person, and feels much more important as a result.


Dragon Sharp Consulting

Tried Ruby/Rails as an alternative to further Java development 3.5 years ago and never looked back.

(The rest of this is my corporate bio, and I don’t like it, but I’m too lazy to write something more fun)

As Senior Software Architect at Labrador Technologies since 2005, Lori brings over 22 years experience in end-to-end software development and 16 years of object oriented programming and design experience. One of the founders of the Calgary Ruby User Society, she has been designing and implementing web applications using Ruby on Rails for over 3 years. Prior to joining Labrador, Lori worked for a variety of companies and industries, including Halliburton, IBM, IHS, and Shell Canada. She is a Sun Certified Java Programmer with over 8 years of Java, Swing, and J2EE experience. Some of her particular areas of interest include optimizing software development processes and usage centered design. She holds a B.Sc (Honors) in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.

Lori is also a member of Embarcadero’s TeamB, providing knowledgeable, accurate, service-oriented assistance to the JBuilder & 3rdRail communities. She frequently presents topics of interest at the Calgary Ruby User Society, and has spoken at the CodeRage and COSSFEST conferences on Ruby on Rails mapping topics.

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