RailsConf 2009: The Russian Doll Pattern: Mountable apps in Rails 3

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks on May 13, 2009

RailsConf 2009: The Russian Doll Pattern: Mountable apps in Rails 3

One of the hottest new features in Rails 3 is the ability to embed a Rails application in another Rails application. This allows the development of components that range from user authentication to a fully featured forum. These components can then be distributed as gems and fully integrated with another application. In fact, user private messaging could be a stand alone app, which is then mounted into a forum app, and finally mounted into your own custom app.

In this talk, Yehuda and Carl will give an in depth tutorial of this new feature. This will be done by building aCMS, creating a gem out of it, and integrating it into another app.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Providing components that can be integrated in the views of the main app. For example, a list of recent articles for a blog sidebar.
  • Sharing components, such as single sign on, across your enterprise.
  • Packaging the app as a gem.
  • Depending on other mountable apps, such as user authentication.
Engine Yard Inc.

Yehuda Katz is currently employed by Engine Yard, and works full time as a Core Team Member on the Rails and Merb projects. He is the co-author of jQuery in Action and the upcoming Merb in Action, and is a contributor to Ruby in Practice.

He spends most of his time hacking on Rails and Merb, but also on other Ruby community projects, like Rubinius and Datamapper. And when the solution doesn’t yet exist, he’ll try his hand at creating one – as such, he’s also created projects like Thor and DO.rb.

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