RailsConf 2009: Twitter on Rails

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Companies on May 13, 2009

Twitter’s content and APIs make it one of the best targets around for creating mashups. It’s now easier than ever to do so using TwitterAuth, a Rails gem/plugin that utilizes Twitter as a Single Sign-on provider (SSO).

Material will include:

  • Generating a TwitterAuth application using Rails templates
  • Navigating the Twitter API
  • Harnessing the power of Twitter Search
  • Watching an entire application get built…live!

Michael Bleigh is the Creative Director and Open Source Liason for Intridea as well as the project manager for Present.ly, the business micro-sharing platform. Michael’s experience goes through every part of the web application lifecycle from conception and planning to design and back-end development. He has built a number of open-source projects used widely throughout the Ruby community and has also presented at several conferences including RailsConf Europe 2008 and the Great Lakes Ruby Bash.


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