Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform

Posted in Web Technologies, Conferences, Cloud Computing, Development on June 08, 2009

Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform


Software architecture has become heavily influenced in recent years by the largest software system in the world: The Web. While the foundations of much of what we understand about software architecture haven't changed, the living laboratory of the Web has created a steady and impressive stream of innovations and ideas that are just now being fully appreciated. Questions such as how to design our systems, which methods are best to make them composable and extensible, how much of an architecture should be pliable and who should be able to influence it are all subjects for which the modern era of the Web has offered up compelling and often startling new approaches.

This session will take a comprehensive look at how the "Web as Platform", one of the foundational concepts of the Web 2.0 era, is changing the discipline and practice of software architecture in important and significant ways that architects and technical leads must know today. Not just an exercise in examination of current trends, attendees will take away useful and immediately applicable methods for improving and extending the discipline of software architecture with Web approaches that can put to work in the enterprise or anywhere else.

Dion Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognized business strategist and enterprise architect. He was founding Editor-in-Chief of Web 2.0 Journal and is current Editor-in-Chief of Social Computing Magazine. He is also the founder and owner of the popular Web 2.0 UniversityTM as well as The Enterprise 2.0 TV Show.

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