Systm #105: Video Jukebox Part 3: Build a MediaTomb

Posted in Podcasts on June 02, 2009

Looking for an Open Source media server that works perfectly with the PS3 and a host of UPnP compatible set top boxes? Try MediaTomb!

Bank in January, in Video Jukebox Part 2, we showed you how to build a movie server with TVersity and iTunes.

This week, we build a MediaTomb, a free, open source media server that works great with the PS3, and just about any other media rendering box that is UPnP MediaServer compatible!

It currently won't work with the Xbox 360... for that we still recommend TVersity!

The hardware requirements are minimal, many folks run it on a NAS box such as Western Digital's MyBook World Edition with no problems!


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Tags: Technologies, Hardware, Systm, Revision3, Broadcasting, Screencasts