Google I/O 2009: Looking Beyond the Screen: Text-To-Speech and Eyes-Free Interaction on Android

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Mobile, Operating Systems, Development on June 29, 2009

The Eyes-Free Project (which you might have seen featured by the New York Times) aims to enable fluent eyes-free use of mobile devices running Android. Target uses range from eyes-busy environments like in-car use to users who can't or don't want to look at the visual display. Hear from Charles Chen and T.V Raman from the Eyes-Free team about the Text-To-Speech (TTS) API, as well as some of the UI innovations for taking advantage of the touch screen without needing to actually look at the screen. This talk will present a brief high-level overview of the TTS library and the stroke dialer input method, then dive into the details of how you can use these technologies in your own Android applications. Your hosts will then walk you through building a real eyes-free app, and give you a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features in store for the Eyes-Free Project.

TV Raman, Charles L. Chen

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