Using Firebug for CSS

Posted in Development on June 05, 2009

Firebug is one of the reasons that I changed to Firefox (from Camino, a faster, less memory intensive browser). It is so handy for checking under the hood of websites and anyone who does anything with CSSshould know how to use it!

Firebug’s good for HTML and javascript too, but I don’t use it for them as much.

I was trying to find a video tutorial to show people on the Thesis forums how to use Firebug. However, the ones I found were either too old (Firebug has come a long way in the last year or two), or they were a bit long and rambling.

So, I decided to make one myself. It’s 6.5 minutes (the others I found were double that!) and gives an overview of how to use Firebug, including installation. Feel free to ask questions about it in the comments below!

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