Project PlaySIM: Experimenting with Java Card™ 3 System Prog

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on June 16, 2009

The Java Card™ system is the smallest Java™ platform available, but what can you do with it? This session covers some interesting examples involving the playSIM development kit.

playSim is an open-source development kit for prototyping new and creative Java Card 3 technology-based applications without the hardware limitations of today's smart cards. It combines the flexibility of the open Sun SPOT platform with the hard security requirements of SIM-card-based applications. Sun SPOT is used as an execution engine as well as a modular hardware platform to enable connection of different types of sensors and I/O interfaces.

See how the presenters combine the flexibility of open-source technologies such as Sun SPOTs and Squawk Virtual Machine with the commercial license aspects of the Java Card 3 platform.

Come see how to

  • Experiment with Java Card 3 in the embedded domain through the I/O capabilities of the Sun SPOT platform
  • Get started with Java Card 3 Servlets, even without terminal support
  • Simulate SIM and smart cards with embedded radios
  • Experiment with Near Field Communication (NFC), using regular radios
  • Create new machine-to-machine interactions
  • Add one or two boards to a Sun SPOT and have a ready playSIM kit
  • Simulate smart cards with gigabytes of memory, using ordinary MiniSD cards
playSIM is an open-source hardware/software project; all source and details are at

Presented by Eric Arseneau, Sun Microsystems, and Fritjof Engelhardtsen, Telenor.
Google Tech Talk
June 5, 2009

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