Velocity 09: Eric Schurman and Jake Brutlag, "Performance Related Changes and their User Impact"

Posted in Conferences, Development on June 28, 2009

We took very small percentages of our users and slowed the page down in several ways

  • Added server side delays
  • Added additional page weight to different parts of our page
  • Added client side rendering delays

We then measured how each of these changes impacted metrics like clicks, time to click, repeat site usage, queries per visit, revenue, etc.

This talk is to share the results.

Eric Schurman

Eric Schurman has been working with the web since the early versions of NCSA Mosaic. In his most recent gig at Microsoft, he’s in charge of site performance for Live Search. He’s worn many other hats at Microsoft, including architect and development lead of’s highest traffic sites, the home page and Download Center. His experiences writing books on web development, working with disabled users, and teaching classes in computer use have given him a passion for doing the right thing for the customer.

Jake Brutlag

Jake Brutlag is a data analyst with 9 years of industry experience, first at Microsoft, then at Google. He has published papers on distinct value estimation, email classification, aberrant behavior detection for network time series, and search engine latency.

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