Meet the GIMP #110: Some new Paths (2)

Posted in Graphics on July 17, 2009

Meet the GIMP #110: Some new Paths (2)

Today I go into the details of the path tool. It has a real lot of different modes and states – so one gets easily confused. I try to sort that out – but you’ll have to train yourself to master this.

Seth aka W_Nightshade has made a video about making ambigrams with paths. You see the one he did here on the side. I couldn’t make a show out of his video – but you’ll get a fast version of it with music in the video and if you are interested can download the whole package in the companion file. The music is from John Pazdan, the composer of the podcast music.

I start with a book review. Akkana Peck’s book “Beginning GIMP – from Novice to Professional” is gone into a second edition. And now it’s even better than before. If you are looking for a book about GIMP – this would be my first choice. Apress has given me the second edition book – I bought the first one before starting with this project.

And I have two of the books to give away. To you. We’ll make two challenges, one from Philippe, one from me. And Apress will send a book to each of the winners.


01:00 Switch to HD
02:30 Ubuntu script for Wacom Tablets
03:45 Book review: Akkana Peck:
10:30 Path tool: Design mode
11:00 Adding nodes and moving them
12:30 Close a path
12:50 Add a second component to the path
13:45 Expanding a path
14:30 Selecting nodes and moving them together
15:00 Delete a node
15:30 Move a component
15:50 Tweak a segment
16:15 Move a segment
17:40 Interlude: Ambigrams by Seth (Video) and John Pazdan (Music: Solistice)
21:45 Edit mode with paths
22:15 Adding nodes
22:30 Pulling out handles
23:30 Removing handles and segemnts
24:40 Joining components of the path
25:10 Straightening out the curve at the node
26:30 Read the documentation at
27:50 What does Akkane Peck write about the path tool?
29:40 iTunes help needed

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