Tekzilla #101: Spezify: A New Way To Search, Pandora.com Interview, Jolicloud Netbook OS, Safe Browsing Over Public WiFi, eSATA vs. Windows

Posted in Podcasts on August 21, 2009

Veronica Interviews Tom Conrad, Pandora CTO, Make eSATA Play Nice With Windows, Jolicloud: the ultimate Netbook OS? Free Tool for School, Car Power for Notebooks!

Welcome to Tekzilla... hands on reviews of the latest tech, and how to make the most out of the gear you already own! Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton are your hosts.

We've got a ton of great stuff on the show today!

Pandora.com personalized radio... it's hugely popular. Wondering where it's headed? Veronica interviews the CTO, Tom Conrad and fires off lots of questions you sent in via Twitter!

eSATA, aka External SATA, aka the next best thing for external storage that's gonna finally kill off USB and FireWire... we help Tom with (some shockingly common) problems getting external eSATA drives to play nice with Windows.

Free Software! This week's Freebie download pick is AbiWord, an awesome free word processing tool that packs a ridiculous number of features, from real time collaboration, right down to talbles, styles, spell and grammar checkers... the perfect free tool for back to school!

This week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of is Spezify, a delightful new way to look a search results, even if it can be a little overwhelming at first. When you enter in your search term of choice, like cats, for example, you're then bombarded with various types of media relating to that search term: videos, photos, tweets, links... pretty much any site they can find with an open API, they'll pull it into the media cloud. Veronica says it looks like they want to give you a "flash of inspiration!" With so much media bombarding you at the same time, you're sure to get the creative juices flowing. But more to the point, it's really entertaining. Check it out!

Is there a better OS for your Netbook? Veronica saw a prime candidate last time Kevin Rose was on the show: Jolicloud. She's had a chance to run in on her HP Mini... and she's got a great hands on review of how it compares to Windows 7 , Hackintosh and other Netbook OS options!

Register for a chance at the beta... once you do, you just set up a bootable USB key for an easy install.

WiFi: it's easy to secure at home, but what about all those public WiFi networks in hotels and coffee shops... Mark's a bit worried about having to use public hotspots when he travels. He should be: they're pretty good places to do nasty things to your Internet traffic. We talk about setting up a free VPN using Hamachi.... that'll get you a secure connection to a safe network... you'll need to set up set up a proxy server for your browser to lock things down, tho!

SmallNetBuilder.com isn't just the best source of revies of home/small biz networking hardware... they also have great howtos like How To Securely Browse from Anywhere using Hamachi and Squid.

Notebook runs out of battery power while you're watching movies in the car? Sure, Ryan, you could by an expensive DC to DC voltage converter for your notebook... or spend $25 on a power inverter... Patrick owns three or four made by Cobra Electronics, but you can pick one up just about any electronics, auto parts, costco, big box, hardware, truck stop, 'shack...


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