Meet the GIMP #116: Color Info?

Posted in Graphics on August 23, 2009

Meet the GIMP #116: Color Info?

Today I explore the information that GIMP provides about colour. It’s the always helpful histogram, the border average which gives you a nice colour for a background for your image, the colour cube analysis and the smooth palette. The last two are quite exotic and I can think of no way to use them for me.

As I have avoided to discuss Median, Mean and Standard Deviation, help yourself!


00:20 The feed for small players
01:55 A new camera
04:10 The Color Info Menu
04:20 The histogram
04:25 Stats
05:50 Log or Linear
07:50 Value and RGB
09:30 Border average
14:30 Color cube analysis
15:05 Smooth palette
16:55 Challenge reminder

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