Avi Bryant on Trendly, Ruby, Smalltalk and Javascript

Posted in Development, Web Technologies, Science, Security, Conferences on September 01, 2009

Avi Bryant on Trendly, Ruby, Smalltalk and Javascript

Avi Bryant talks about the iterative process that led to Trendly (http://trendly.com/ ), using Javascript, Ruby and Java in the process. He goes on to give his view on the state of Smalltalk and Squeak and talks about his experiments with writing a Smalltalk that compiles to idiomatic Javascript to make use of all the modern Javascript VMs.

Avi Bryant is the co-CEO of Dabble DB, a Vancouver startup focused on web-based data management and collaboration tools. He is the author of the Seaside web application framework, and is active in the open source Squeak Smalltalk community. His latest project is http://trendly.com/

About the conference
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