GTAC 2009 - Even Better Than the Real Thing - Lessons Learne

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Even Better Than the Real Thing - Lessons Learned from Testing GWT Applications. Presented by Nicolas Wettstein at the 4th Annual Google Test Automation Conference, October 21st, 22nd, 2009, Zurich, CH

Web applications are hard to write and even harder to test. GWT - the Google Web Toolkit - simplifies these tasks to some extent and there are still pitfalls that make GWT applications hard to test. This talk will discuss the most important pitfalls and demonstrate how they can be avoided.

Bio: Nicolas joined Google in May 2007. He has contributed to various projects as a specialist for developer testing. His focus includes developing testing tools, conducting performance studies, and advising software developers on writing testable code. He is currently based in Sydney, Australia and works on Google Wave. Nicolas holds a Dipl. Informatik-Ing. degree from ETH in Zurich and joined Google with several years of testing experience acquired in Zurich at Esmertec AG and Greenliff AG.

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October 21, 2009

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