RailsLab Scaling Rails: Episode #19 - On The Edge - Part 1

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Databases on December 16, 2009

This is the first of three screencasts where we begin to look at a few new Rails libraries to help you scale your Rails applications. In this first episode we take a look at Bullet, which will help you optimize your SQL queries by giving you growl notifications when you’re not using eager loading properly or should be using a counter cache. Then there’s Rails Indexes which provides Rake tasks to find missing indexes in your database. Finally the last library we’ll learn about is Scrooge, a SQL query optimizer which can reduce the amount of data getting sent from your database to your Rails application. All of these libraries I learned about from the Ruby5 Podcast, a twice weekly audio podcast covering the latest news in the Ruby and Rails Community.

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Tags: Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Frameworks, Databases, Scalability, SQL, Rake, bullet, RailsLab, Broadcasting, Screencasts, Development, On The Edge