Meet the GIMP #126: Quick Karmic Frames

Posted in Graphics on December 21, 2009

Meet the GIMP #126: Quick Karmic Frames

A short one this time – I upgraded to Karmic Koala and did a clean install with new partitions and EXT4 file system. And now I am getting the important stuff back on the disk and leave the cruft out. This meant that a lot of the files needed for a proper podcast are still on the external disks.

I take a look a the new Folio by Jeff Curto at Lenswork – because it’s an example of printing an image on paper with a different aspect ratio, the images are really good and Jeff is a friend and I hope he sells a lot of them.  Jeff does two podcasts in the Photocast Network, Camera Position and The History of Photography. The last is the only podcast where I have experienced a coffee break.

I use an image from “wbool63? from the forum to make some nice frames with G’MIC, the Swiss Knife plugin from France.

And I have done….


00:20 Greetings and Jeff Curto at lenswork
02:30 Using a white frame and text
03:10 Cropping an image
05:50 Getting a square crop
06:20 Eyes out of focus – no problem here
07:10 G’MIC plugin and frames

No blackboard this time – and no mobile version  yet. The upgrade broke the toolchain, I have to compile ffmpeg to get it running again. Software patents are really …….

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