RailsLab Scaling Rails: Episode #21 - On The Edge - Part 3

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Cloud Computing on December 16, 2009

This is the last of three screencasts where looking at a couple new libraries to help you scale your Rails applications. In this episode we start by learning about rubber, a capistrano/rails plugin that makes it easy to deploy/manage/scale on Amazon EC2. Then we look at a background job system with a killer user interface called Cloud Crowd. Lastly we look at a web service called Mad Mimi, which allows you to keep track of mailing lists and even move all of your mailer erb templates out of your web application. Utilizing Mad Mimi’s API can give your customer more control of their mailing lists, and alleviate some developer frustration surrounding email.

To keep up to date with additional libraries which may help with Scaling, be sure to listen to the Ruby5 Podcast.

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