Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on Agile Design and Architecture

Posted in Graphics, Project Management, Conferences on December 22, 2009

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on Agile Design and Architecture
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock talks about different techniques that are useful for Agile teams to create and maintain good design and architecture. She discusses the use of light weight techniques, such as the use of CRC cards for thinking about and discussing design regularly. She also discusses evolutionary and emergent design and the importance of doing things at the responsible moment.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock invented the way of thinking about objects known as Responsibility-Driven Design. She is lead author of the classic Designing Object-Oriented Software, and Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities and Collaborations. She is the design columnist for IEEE Software and past board member of the Agile Alliance.

About the conference
Agile 2009 is an exciting international industry conference that presents the latest techniques, technologies, attitudes and first-hand experience, from both a management and development perspective, for successful Agile software development.

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