dnrTV Show #170: Colin Melia on Azure

Posted in Frameworks, Development on November 17, 2011

dnrTV Show #170: Colin Melia on Azure
Colin Melia shows how to develop applications in the cloud with Windows Azure, including PHP!

Colin Melia is the Principal Architect for DreamDigital, a technical speaker and trainer on Microsoft technologies, as well as a user group leader and academic advisory committee member in Ottawa. He has been a hands-on Architect for over 17 years having developed award-winning rich desktop simulation technology, cloud-based learning portals and workflow-driven performance tracking BI systems as well as creating the first streaming video community site with Windows Media. He has worked in the finance, telecoms, e-learning, Internet communications and gaming industries, with his latest business solutions currently in use by thousands of users world-wide in corporations like GE, HP, O2, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft & Reuters.

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