Meet the GIMP #140: Double Deck Bus License

Posted in Graphics on October 20, 2011

Meet the GIMP #140: Double Deck Bus License

I spent last week in England – but not on a vacation. In this episode I process one of the “tourist shots” made on the class trip following a workflow guide made from Bill in Belize. This guide will be published here in some time, there is still some work needed. It covers all the basic steps for polishing up an image.

The second part of the show covers a question from Bill: How to publish something with keeping your claim to fame and giving others the option to improve your work. My answer: Creative Commons. Let’s see if Bill shares my opinion. (Disclaimer: I am biased – see the button on top of the right column.)

You can license your images under Creative Commons too. We had an example of the advantages in the forum with this image.

There is a list of all possible licenses on the site and a very nice “click your license” boilerplate license generator. I used it to make the license text below.

One question I have for you: Should I drop the “Share Alike” part of the license for Meet the GIMP and leave only the “Attribution”? Please help me with discussing this in the forum.


is coming up

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