Meet the GIMP #141: The Fourth Colour (Microsode 1)

Posted in Graphics on October 20, 2011

Meet the GIMP #141: The Fourth Colour (Microsode 1)

This is the first Microsode of Meet the GIMP. This are short(er) videos that are produced ahead of publication and cover one topic – and no chit chat about my life, the site, the forum and so on.

In this Microsode I talk about the fourth value of a pixel, the opacity or transparency. It turns up in layers, tool settings and in the concept of layer masks. The erase tool can erase to the background colour or to transparency. You can even lock the alpha channel of a layer and so keep the transparent parts while painting in the image. BTW, I think I forgot to mention the proper name of the fourth “colour” – alpha. (Edit: I did at 5:00! )


00:27 Microsodes
01:25 3 nubers for red, green, blue – and one for opacity / transparency
02:40 opacity in the layer dialogue
02:50 the checkerboard
03:10 opacity in paint tools
04:30 two modes of the erase tool – alpha channel of a layer
05:40 lock opacity
06:20 making straight lines
07:40 layer masks

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