Google I/O 2008 - Apache Shindig

Posted in Companies on October 29, 2011

Apache Shindig: Make your Social Site an OpenSocial Container
Dan Peterson (Google), Paul Lindner (hi5) and Chris Chabot (

Shindig is a new project in the Apache Software Foundation incubator and is an open source implementation of the OpenSocial specification and gadgets specification in multiple programming languages. The goal of Shindig is to make it easy for social sites to extend their functionality using the OpenSocial API, which makes it easier for developers to write to write those extensions.

This session will explain what Shindig is, the server's architecture, the JavaScript and Java Service Provider Interfaces that developers can leverage to integrate Shindig with their social site, and the state of the Shindig ports to other languages (PHP, .NET, Ruby). We will do a live demonstration of how to integrate Shindig with an existing social site.

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