Google I/O 2008 - Gears Case Studies

Posted in Companies on November 01, 2011

Gears Case Studies: Zoho offline on Gears, Buxfer secure and offline finance with Gears
Raju Vegesna (Zoho), Ashwin Bharambe and Shashank Pandit (Buxfer)

This talk presents two case studies on Gears in the wild.

Zoho offline with Gears
First, you will hear first hand experience from one of the first implementors of Gears. Raju Vegesna, of Zoho, will discuss

1) Why we chose Gears
2) How we implemented this for Zoho Apps (architecture etc) for both Desktop & Mobile gears
3) Workarounds, gotchas & what we expect going forward in Gears
4) What's next on Gears+Zoho

Buxfer: Secure and offline finance using Gears
Next, Ashwin Bharambe and Shashank Pandit of Buxfer will present the details of how they used Gears critically to solve two thorny issues in providing an online financial service. First, they will show how they used Gears to store sensitive finance data locally and make it available to their servers for automatic synchronization. Second, they will present how they used Mobile Gears to provide offline access to Buxfer on Windows Mobile devices.

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