Meet the GIMP #146: Ripping Apart a PDF

Posted in Graphics on October 20, 2011

Meet the GIMP #146: Ripping Apart a PDF

Sorry, the first minute or so of the video has very bad sound. It gets better then!

This week I rip apart a PDF based photography magazine using GIMP. GIMP can load a PDF and use the pages as layers or single images. You can then “steal” the content or modify it. I took Paul Wellner Bou‘s new magazine “Lighted Moments” and extracted a series of images from it. I want to use these images in a promo video for the magazine – where I plan to submit some pictures.

For using portrait oriented images in a landscape format video I had to get the aspect ratio right, so I had to change the canvas size and add new background. One image needed to be combined out of two pages. Due to an error by me I also had to explain the difference between changing the canvas size and scaling the image content.

Sorry, there is no TOC up to now.

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