What’s Next for jclouds?

Posted in Development, Databases, Web Technologies, Cloud Computing, Conferences, Frameworks, Companies on November 29, 2011

What’s Next for jclouds?
Adrian Cole discusses his jclouds project, which is an open source library that helps Java developers get started in the cloud and reuse their Java development skills. Cole also talks about some of the challenges of creating a cloud agnostic library, such as the use of different hypervisors and that various cloud implementations are written in different languages, such as VB, Python, Ruby, etc.

Adrian Cole is the founder of the open source jclouds project and CEO of Cloud Conscious, LLC. Adrian also runs the Cloudhacker’s group in San Francisco, a regular gathering of cloud developer enthusiasts. His 17-year career in IT includes design and implementation of mass automation and deployment products for financial, hosting, and education contexts.

About the conference
Strange Loop is a developer-run software conference. Innovation, creativity, and the future happen in the magical nexus "between" established areas. Strange Loop eagerly promotes a mix of languages and technologies in this nexus, bringing together the worlds of bleeding edge technology, enterprise systems, and academic research. Of particular interest are new directions in data storage, alternative languages, concurrent and distributed systems, front-end web, semantic web, and mobile apps.

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