GDD-BR 2010 [2F] Storage, Bigquery and Prediction APIs

Posted in Companies on October 22, 2011

Speaker: Patrick Chanezon
Track: Cloud Computing
Time slot: F [15:30 - 16:15]
Room: 2
Level: 101

Google is expanding our storage products by introducing Google Storage for Developers. It offers a RESTful API for storing and accessing data at Google. Developers can take advantage of the performance and reliability of Google's storage infrastructure, as well as the advanced security and sharing capabilities. We will demonstrate key functionality of the product as well as customer use cases. Google relies heavily on data analysis and has developed many tools to understand large datasets. Two of these tools are now available on a limited sign-up basis to developers: (1) BigQuery: interactive analysis of very large data sets and (2) Prediction API: make informed predictions from your data. We will demonstrate their use and give instructions on how to get access.

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