Exporting 3D Scenes from Maya to WebGL Using Clang and LLVM

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Google Tech Talk (more info below)
November 17, 2011

Presented by Jochen Wilhelmy


This talk presents a way to export 3D scenes from Autodesk Maya directly to WebGL. This aims at simplifying the process of content creation for the new WebGL standard which is important for its wide adoption. A key insight is that Maya's dependency graph can be seen as a graphical programming language which is then translated to JavaScript and GLSL using Clang and LLVM. A public beta is online at
http://www.inka3d.com/ .

Note that the frame rate of the slides and demos in the video is poor due to technical issues. Please visit the following links to try the demos on your own computer.

Slides: http://www.inka3d.com/llvm2011
"Azathioprine" demo: http://azathioprine.digisnap.bplaced.net/


Jochen Wilhelmy is well known in the so-called demo scene for creating innovative realtime rendering algorithms and drew many first and second prizes in demo competitions. He also developed the engine for the "Singles" computer games.

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