GTAC 2011: Browser Automation with NodeJS and Jellyfish

Posted in Testing, Cloud Computing, Companies, Conferences on February 21, 2012

6th Annual Google Test Automation Conference 2011 (GTAC 2011)
"Cloudy With A Chance Of Tests"
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA USA
October 26-27, 2011

Presented by Adam Christian.


In a world where Javascript is everywhere; your browser, server, database, mobile device -- you want and need code resuse to speed up development. In order to do this, you need to know that code works in all the environments you care about.

Jellyfish is a node project focused on provisioning different environments and making it easy for you to execute your JS and get the results.

Adam is the co-creator of Windmill and various other open source projects, including Mozmill (the XUL test automation project), and Jellyfish. He also works on a small snowboarding video blog called EatPow. His personal blog is at He is currently employed as a Javascript Architect at Sauce Labs.

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